I finally had a little time to get photos of the Halifax kittens. Wendy, as before when shooting with just my phone, is outrageously photogenic. She not only looks like a little angel, but so far she is one as well. Utter sweetheart who wants only to be on your lap cuddling.

Luna is another sweetie, and a beautiful cat as well.

Billy, being a black cat, isn’t the easiest to photograph, and this is slightly out of focus, but the pose was perfect so it will have to do.

Last is Oliver, who doesn’t sit still for a moment!!! I had to race him around with a wand toy for awhile before I could get anything at all with him.

Waiting on one test result that I should get early next week, and then I hope to post these little ones for adoption. We got a full house here with nine kittens, and they will all be getting spayed/neutered in the next few weeks, so time to find them all homes!

17 thoughts on “The Fosters: Halifax Kittens Photo Shoot

  1. Adorable…..catching a kitten for a photo is definitely a challenge but you sure did a wonderful job of doing so. They are precious and I hope they all have the very best forever home waiting for them somewhere……..

    Hugs, Pam

  2. You have to feel good about your photo of Billy. Anytime you can see eyes AND a little black nose and mouth clearly I think it is a click well done! You have adorable kittens to work with and you captured some very sweet expressions. Wendy tugs at my heart but I am easily grabbed by tabbies. I love them all and know they will find wonderful homes.

    1. Black cats are soooo hard to shoot well. Wendy is a total heart-tugger. She would make an excellent therapy cat.

  3. Sasha snickered when she found out that the tuxie gave you the most trouble. She said “good work Oliver! You do us tuxies proud!” Love them all myself. Your post is always the first one I open. Almost always so “feel good.” What a way to start the day.

    1. Sasha would snicker!! And it is so nice of you to say you open my posts first – thank you! I’m honored.

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