My little bottle babies are here, and they are super adorable. And they seem to be very healthy as well – woo hoo!!! I could use a nice, easy litter right now. They got names today: Becca, Bridget, and Bobby, the B Litter. Individual pictures as they get more settled, but here they are for now.

They had a bottle feeding already, and did well. Each of them gained some weight from eating – they get weighed before and after, in grams. They aren’t fully able to eliminate on their own (warning…gross stuff ahead…you’ve been warned)…so I donned my rubber gloves, and used tissues to massage their private parts to help them pee after their meal. The little boy (one of the two darker tigers) peed on his own in the pen, but got urine all over himself in the process. They will figure out the litter box soon, though, and in the meantime I’ll help out. (Done with the gross stuff.)

I am guessing they are close to a month old, which means in a week or two they will start to eat real food, in liquid form, so my bottle feeding work won’t go on forever. They are fairly mobile already, and busy grooming themselves after a meal.


Th cute factor is waaaayyyyy up there. For now, I am letting them settle in. Tomorrow we do nail clips and deworming. Those claws are something else, and kitten claws are the sharpest things ever. In the meantime, it is time for the next meal. Stay tuned for more updates as they get settled.

20 thoughts on “The Fosters: The B Litter, Day 1

    1. Kitten claws are smaller than puppy teeth, but both are very unpleasant applied to human skin!!

  1. On adult cats the sharpest nails are the end one and the dew claw because they don’t wear them down. I bet kitten nails are all that sharp from not wearing them down. tiny needles! Don’t know how mama cats put up with it.

    1. Momma cats get tired of them at some point, and say no more!! Go eat from the bowl of food already!!

  2. I didn’t know about having to help them ‘go.’ The youngest kitten I ever had was a rescue at 6 weeks old and she knew how to do it all. Kitten claws….yowza! Tiny needles, indeed!

    1. At six weeks they can easily take care of business themselves. Kittens start managing this around 4-5 weeks, so these ones are just on the cusp. They’ll be able to manage for themselves in no time.

  3. So glad to see they are doing well! Is it even possible that they keep getting cuter and cuter?! 😍

  4. So happy they are doing well! Thank you so much again for taking them in! So happy these babies are able to get your amazing care! I miss them already!

    1. And thank you for originally giving them a safe space to land in when momma disappeared, so they had a safe space to be for a little while until we had a space for them. They are absolutely adorable!

    1. Indeed. So nice to have a cute litter that is healthy. A nice change for the time being.

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