With all the drama around the Creamsicles and then Bodhi passing away, Bobby hasn’t had a lot of blog time lately. He’s been getting plenty of people time with us, but thought it might be time to give him a little space in the blogosphere.

He is a bit lonely since his sisters left for another foster, but the good news is that there wasn’t any permanent damage done by his sisters sucking on him. That kind of sucking can result in serious surgeries, and Bobby is lucky to be perfectly fine, rescued from his sisters in time! But he isn’t loving being a solo kitten – something we really try to avoid. Fingers crossed that the Creamsicles will get tested for FIV/FELV this coming Thursday and get their first distempers then, and if all is good, Bobby will get to join them and be part of a new family. (Isn’t he adorable?!)

In the meantime, Marley is sleeping in the foster room with Bobby to give him a little more company, and we both go in to play with him regularly. He’s a huge fan of wand toys and is getting quite athletic. He is happy to spend a little time in laps as well, but mostly he loves to play, and it will be fabulous for him to have more kittens to play with.

Like any respectable kitten, boxes are fun, and one of Bobby’s favorite activities is stalking things.

One of the problems solo kittens sometimes develop is stalking things they shouldn’t, like hands, instead of other kittens who can teach them things like bite inhibition and the proper limits of play activities. Bobby was getting too interested in biting me, but with a little work (gently pushing him away when he bites instead of pulling my hand back) he is learning that biting doesn’t get him what he wants, and he’s really improving. He’s a fun little guy overall, and I can’t wait for him to be able to join the Creamsicles and have fun kitten-style.

A quick update on the Creamsicles…they are pigging out completely and doing very well, and they have graduated from living in the plexiglass enclosure to having the whole foster room to enjoy. Still doing one overnight feeding for a little bit longer, and looking forward to sleeping through the night (me, that is) sometime real soon. They aren’t eating food yet, but I’m starting to introduce that and I’m hoping Bobby will join them and show them the ropes re: food, at which point I will happily leave them to manage overnight. I’m too old for being up in the middle of the night weeks on end!!

18 thoughts on “The Fosters: Bobby

  1. Oh that little face! Bobby looks a little sad being an “only” but hopefully he can join the other gang soon for some kitten fun. I’m sure you are looking forward to a good night’s sleep – soon!

    Hugs, Pam

    1. The boys could have sucked on each other. The girls were sucking on each other at one point, though that causes far less permanent damage.

  2. Bobby is adorable! I love that name – my favorite of all my brother’s friends is a Bobby – I hope he can join the creamsicle babies soon!

    I hear ya on the middle-of-the-night wake-up calls! I’ve been going through them with Zen lately. Hopefully I’ve found a way to resolve his issues now.

      1. I think – and am hopeful – that Friday night/Saturday morning’s wake up call was the last one. Zen slept through the night last night and I didn’t hear him until I woke up at 7:20. He was whining softly – wanted company. And his intestinal issues seem to be resolving (finally). 😊😊

  3. He is just too adorable. I’m thinking he’s quite the “Fabio Feline! ” We’ve got our paws crossed he is able to romp with the Creamsicles very soon and you are able to have a full uninterrupted night of sleep!

    1. No longer getting up in the middle of the night, thankfully, though it may be a few more days before I feel rested again. And hopefully Bobby gets to join the Creamsicles on Thursday…paws crossed.

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