Bobby, after two weeks by himself, got to join the Creamsicles a few days ago, and he is having a blast. He came in a little bit like a bull in a china shop, full of energy and the frustration of a couple weeks without his sisters or other company. (We were waiting on testing and distemper shots.)

It took him a couple hours to chill out a bit, but by midday, he was napping with his new companions.

He is just one of the gang now, so happy to have friends again.

Some routine fecal testing revealed some parasites for all, so they are all on the appropriate dewormers and meds now, and doing so well. Gaining weight and looking like chubby kittens, as they should at this age.

Part of kitten rearing and training here is learning about dogs, and everyone is doing pretty well with Gracie. If they have met and are okay with dogs, that just increases the possible numbers of homes they can be adopted out to. Cody was a little nervous about Gracie at first, but he’s come around nicely, and all of them seem to be fine with her.

After a long summer having two foster rooms running at the same time, I have to say it is wonderful being down to one room. Even more wonderful that everyone is eating food on their own now, and no more 3 am feedings for me. Everyone has settled into a routine of meals four times a day, with kibble out all day long, though the Creamsicles aren’t quite into the kibble yet, but they’ll get there. All the toys from both rooms are in the one foster room now, and you can hear they being played with at most hours of the day, evening, and especially first thing in the early morning. They are all scheduled for their surgeries in the next 4-6 weeks, and I’ll be posting them soon, looking for forever homes. And then, a break for a little bit.

I meant to take a break last year as winter came on, but then I had to put Micky down, and I just couldn’t end the foster year on that note. Putting down a four-month-old kitten absolutely sucks, even if there’s no option, so we went ahead and fostered through the holidays and then through all of this year so far. So it is time for a little break. I’m not under any illusion that the break will last terribly long, but it is still time for a break of some sort. The kittens will, hopefully, all be in their homes by late October or early November…a good time to rest for a bit.

In the meantime, I’ll enjoy healthy, happy kittens who are super social little companions. Bottle baby kittens are usually super social, and the fact that they are that way, and five of them are orange/buff, which is a super popular color, will hopefully get them great homes without too much trouble.

17 thoughts on “The Fosters: Bobby and the Creamsicles

  1. Bobby looks very happy with his new companions!

    I remember Mickey, and the sadness. Helping others continue their lives eases and mends the pain of loss. I am glad you will be getting a little rest when this last set have found homes.

    1. Yup. we just couldn’t finish up with Micky last year…needed some healthy kittens going to homes after that! But a little rest will be good this year, however long that does or doesn’t last!!

  2. I laughed at Bobby running around jumping on the kittens except for the one who slept through it all! I’m all surprised no one grabbed Gracie’s big floofy tail! Your breaks are usually in days rather than weeks but maybe this time….

    1. The sleeping kitten is Cody, and he is such a lovebug. The kittens will get around to grabbing Gracie’s tail…give ’em time!! And yeah, my breaks don’t tend to be as long as I think they will be…we shall see.

  3. This is so cute. ‘Bull in a china shop’ is so very appropriate for little Bobby. I was worn out just watching him! 😹 What a little cutie the kitten sleeping through it all in the first video. This will be a great note to end for a little break. Kittens are the sweetest thing.

    1. Cody is the kitten sleeping through it all, the runt of the litter. Total sweetheart. Bobby has calmed down – he just had two weeks of energy to expend!

    1. Bobby’s pretty happy, and definitely feeling so much happier. And I am slowly catching up on my sleep!!

    1. Thank you. A break will be welcome, at least for a bit. I never seem to last that long without kittens to care for!

  4. Love the ambush antics Bobby and Creamsicles pull on one another. So cute. And Gracie…what can you say. She’s such a fabulous ambassador for dogs and was so patient and sweet. Glad to hear things on on a positive note these days. You’ve had a busy and rough few months-an upcoming break seems just the right thing to happen.

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