Those of you who have been around for awhile know that I always say I’m going to take a break, and rarely do. That has happened again. Before the Creamsicles are even spayed and neutered and ready to go, I have a young cat in foster room #2.

She was an outdoor kitty that was pretty pregnant according to reports, and she arrived about an hour ago. And I’m pretty sure she’s in labor. So I am on baby watch today! I am a total sucker for a pregnant cat, and haven’t had one for this year, so how could I say no? Molly is very sweet, and there’s no way she’s lived as an outside cat for long…. much too sweet, and very grateful for a soft place right now to bring forth her babies. Gave her a hurried flea comb, and some Capstar to kill fleas, which is safe for pregnant queens. And now we just wait….stay tuned for baby kitten report, hopefully a good one.

20 thoughts on “The Fosters: Molly

  1. She’s beautiful and I hope her babies are healthy and she’s a good Mommy. I love her face – I can see very clearly as she looks at you taking the photo “thank you for this soft place to fall when I needed it most”……………..Sending hugs to Mom Molly and her Foster Mom too!


  2. We love calicos ! Purrayers that all goes well for sweet Molly and her kittens. She has come to a very good place !

  3. We are so excited for your newest foster cat! Barry and I know firsthand how wonderful you are with pregnant cats (and all other cats)!! We look forward to meeting the new kittens!!
    Cindy and Barry

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