I had a bit of a scare yesterday afternoon (day one for the kittens) and thought Molly was going back into labor. That can happen with cats up to 36 hours later than the initial delivery, and Molly was showing some signs of that. I got her to the vet for an x-ray but no more kittens waiting to appear. Phew!

Mom and babies are doing well. The calico kitten is HUGE and weighs what a one-week-old kitten weighs, while the buff kitten is a more normal size for day two. Maggie, the calico, is gaining weight quickly, and Morgan a little more slowly. I hope I won’t need to supplement Morgan with a bottle, but I can, if needed.

I forgot to share a funny story about Molly’s name. For some reason, the name Molly came to me before she even got here. No clue why…I just had the name Molly in mind, and Molly she became. I discovered later that day that the person who delivered her to me has a seven-year-old daughter with Downs Syndrome who is named Molly, and she loves cats. She was able to pet this one who was living outside their home. A very eerie coincidence…cue the Twilight Zone music. The folks who found and brought Molly to me, however, are delighted with the name choice.

Molly is doing nicely, and eating for three. She kindly kept the kittens in the nest/dog crate I set up for her. Not all mommy cats do that. I had one who moved her kittens under the futon and she simply wouldn’t tolerate a nice cozy nest of my choosing. Molly can come and go from the open dog crate, and she’s taking breaks as needed. She’s shown interest in leaving Foster Room #2, but that’s not an option. I’ll try to make her stay there as comfortable as I can.

That’s the report from Day Two, which was also my 67th birthday. Molly and her kittens were my birthday present this year! And my hubby got a nice cake for dinner too. What more could I need?

11 thoughts on “The Fosters: Molly and the Kittens, Day Two

  1. Happy Birthday! To you and the kittens. That one kitten does look quite larger than her little sibling! Glad they are all doing well. They definitely look adorable.

  2. Cake and kittens? Perfect! When I have young, our family cat delivered two kittens on one day and two the next. We had no idea but she seemed to take it in stride so I guess that happens. Happy birthday and may all your birthdays be filled with critters!

  3. Happy Birthday to you! Won’t this be the birthday to remember?! No way to top these presents. Between your birthday and the wonderful Molly coincidence, I’m just grinning ear to ear. Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Happy Birthday to you! That is a lovely back story about Molly’s name. Molly and her kittens are a lovely present. That little calico kitten does look quite large!

  5. Happy Purrthday to you. Bet that Molly-the-little-kid was thrilled to learn the kitty will carry her name !

  6. Happy belated birthday! A healthy momma cat giving birth is a fine gift. 🙂 With only two kittens, I would think there’d be plenty of milk for both of them. It is interesting that the calico is jumbo-sized!

  7. Happy Belated Birthday!!!! Cake and kittens, what a sweet gift! Mama Molly doesn’t look much older than a kitten herself. I just think it’s wonderful how animals know a special child is in their presence and will allow contact with her or him. ❤️

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