Got a call last evening from the adoption coordinator. Some construction workers found a newborn kitten at their site Monday, probably born the day before. Laying there all by herself. (A dilute calico, so highly likely a girl.) A worker’s wife nursed the kitten (and did a great job) and worked the phones until she found us. Did I think Molly might accept another kitten?

Probably. Usually. Little Micha joined us this morning and Molly instantly started cleaning her up and then nursing her…didn’t give it a second thought. Or if she did, she didn’t share it with me. So Micha now has a couple siblings in Morgan and Maggie, and a mom to feed her, a warm den to sleep in, and hopefully a happy life ahead. She’s probably about 3-4 days younger than her new siblings, but who worries about a few days. She’ll catch up in no time. At the moment, she’s about half the size of Morgan, and 1/4 the size of butterball Maggie.

15 thoughts on “The Fosters: Now We are Three

  1. Butterball Maggie…😹😹 Hello, sweet Micha. I have a dilute tortie–female. Are they rarely males?

    1. If you find a male torti or calico, the world would want to know about it. I’ve heard of one in my lifetime.

  2. Micha is a gorgeous little thing……how wonderful that Molly adopted her right off the bat. Molly is a sweetheart and now she has three babies to nurture. Poor little Micha found on a construction site……bet she was scared. Not now though – THIS is the way her babyhood was supposed to be!

    Hugs, Pam

  3. Hurrah for Molly ! And all the humans who intervened to help this tiny bit of life !

    1. The person who had her for the first day did a wonderful job getting her to take a bottle. That really saved her. She wouldn’t have made it otherwise.

  4. That is so cool that mama Molly took care of her after the other person tended to her after being found. Here’s hoping she does as well as the other two. I love happy stories like this.

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