Gracie Chronicles: Training

Gracie is taking her fourth class, which is pretty amazing given that she’s 7.5 months. But she really enjoys training and nosework, and gets bored without coursework. Her most recent class is one where we practice basic obedience skills in high distraction environments. We were at Tractor Supply on Sunday, which was fun. Six dogs…Read more »

Mystique Update

You’d hardly know her. Separating Mystique from the gang for awhile has turned her into a people (or person, in this case) oriented cat. She still hangs under the futon, but she comes out to see my now when I come to visit. She climbs on my lap!! And she gives head butts, does elevator…Read more »


Meet Mystique. She’s my newest project. Excuse the poor lighting and photograph, but it’s the best I can do for the moment, for reasons that will become clear. Mystique was part of a very large (40+ cats) outdoor colony that was TNR’d this past summer. She’s about 9-10 months old now, so she was young…Read more »