The Pharmacy

I’m the daughter of a pharmacist, but I’m beginning to feel like I own a pharmacy. My kitchen counter has more drugs on it than food most of the time. Some of this is Bucky. He gets an antibiotic twice a day (BID), and a pain medication three times a day (TID), an anti-inflamatory (BID)…Read more »

Just some pictures

Things have been busy and I’m tuckered, but there’s always enough time to snap a photo of two. So just some pictures for a little fun…random critters in the house right now. Scruffy Scruffy and our pups on a rainy afternoon Cat and kitty – Amelia and her babies Sorry for the blurriness on these.…Read more »

On Boredom

Sunday mornings ceased to be about church when I became a pet sitter almost 11 years ago. Sunday mornings (like most mornings) are spent pet sitting. As I drive around however, Krista Tippett’s program, On Being, is usually playing. Her program (or whatever part I manage to catch between visits)  has become, in essence, church…Read more »