The Fosters: Kitten Play

I have a whole day off from pet sitting duties, so have been hanging with the kittens some. Watching them is so much more fun that hearing about them, so enjoy some kitten antics! Tucker and Sweet Pea were in total smack down mode, and Benny was a bit more in observer mode at this…Read more »

The Fosters: Shy Cats

With the kittens at the three month mark, and scheduled for their spay/neuters in upcoming weeks, I am knee deep in applications for them. Two were spoken for many weeks ago, but I am looking at applicants for the other four (three kittens and Hannah). I have what seems to be an excellent home for…Read more »

The Fosters: Eight Weeks!

It is hard to believe the kittens are already eight weeks old. Even in quarantine time flies, at least for these little ones. Two are spoken for already (grey and dilute tortie) and I’m excited about the home they are going to together. The rest are still up for grabs, but I won’t be posting…Read more »

The Fosters: Hannah

Hannah’s kittens have been getting all the attention lately, and Hannah (very nicely) reminded me that she deserves a little attention too. She’s still a kitten too, after all. Hannah’s around 8 months old – too young to have month-old kittens – but she’s a very good momma cat. This will be her only litter…Read more »

The Fosters: Room Changes

With the kittens nearing the three week mark, and becoming more mobile, it was time for some changes in the foster room to kitten proof the place. I had a crate set up originally for Hannah and the babies but Hannah would have NONE of that. After letting the kittens rest in the whelping box…Read more »

Gracie and Louise

Just a short video today. Gracie and Louise hit it off big time. Thelma isn’t too sure of Gracie yet, but she’s not reacting badly…just cautious. Louise, however threw caution to the wind, and Gracie is even giving her play bows. Gracie can’t wait to play some more!

Time to hibernate

If I had a choice, I’d hibernate from now until about April. That, unfortunately, isn’t going to happen. But the cats in the house have the right idea. The cat beds (and there are many in our house) and blanket-covered easy chairs, are filling up. Maybe in my next life I’ll be an indoor kitty…Read more »