The In-Between Times

One of our Derry Township Community Cats foster folks texted me this weekend. They are kitten-less for the time being, maybe for the rest of the season. “Should we go ahead and return the crate to the cat house?” she asked. “Sure,” I answered, “but you know the minute you do we’ll get more kittens!”…Read more »

Tommy’s Next Chapter

For those of you following the saga of Tommy, a kitten who came into our TNR program, and had oodles of health challenges. It turned out that Tommy had a raging ear infection, but no polyps when they knocked him out yesterday for a good look. And the antibiotic/steroid ear drops he’d been on for…Read more »

Tommy, Part 2

Some of you may remember Tommy, a little kitten we have that we needed a home for. Well, we found him a home – not something we normally do, but the rescues are pretty full right now. And then the little bugger got sick. We don’t release sick cats, so it has been two weeks…Read more »

Pee and poop

When you’re a full time petsitter, work with feral cats, and have a household full of animals as well, pee and poop are part of the fabric of daily life. Is it happening? Does it look normal? But for us, for quite a long time, the question has been: who, in our household of cats,…Read more »