Winston and the Contest

Contest winners aren’t officially announced until Monday, but Winston looks to be #6, and he just had to be in the top 20 to win $100 for us, thank you all for helping us help the cats! Winston wanted to stop by here personally and show you what a big boy he is now –…Read more »

Gilda at Home

Thank you all for your patience with our photo contest. Thought you might enjoy a change of pace and a return to more normal content here today. An update on Gilda. Gilda is one of three cats tossed out to manage on her own when her people were evicted. You can read my earlier blog…Read more »

Vote for Winston!

Those of you who follow me regularly here know that Derry Township Community Cats, our TNR program, is my baby. Our non-profit insurance company has a photo contest each year, and the top vote-getter receives $250 and the next 19 vote-getters receive $100, which spays/neuters three cats. We’ve entered the contest again this year, with…Read more »

In Memoriam: Stripe

When Marley and I got married a dozen or so years ago, we had some animals in our lives already, and ended up adopting many others, resulting in a household in the last few years of senior animals, and way too many of them passing in a short time frame. This time we said goodbye…Read more »

Sympathetic Sickness

Maybe you know about sympathetic pregnancies? Well, Gilda and I are doing a version of this, only it is sympathetic sickness. We’re sharing upper respiratory problems, and asthma. Gilda is actually doing better, at least with the asthma. She’s fully able to use her inhaler twice a day now (with my assistance, of course…that opposable…Read more »