Cone City

Amelia’s eyes are improving every day now. The new drops the vet recommended last Friday are working wonders. Along with the healing, however, I think there’s some itching, and today Amelia started scratching her eyes with his hind leg and front paw. I don’t want her undoing the good the drops are doing for her,…Read more »

The Fosters: Amelia

My 17 day break from fostering ended today. A kind soul, who feeds outdoor cats, had a small cat wander to her early am feeding today, and the cat was pretty ill with the kind of stuff that outdoor cats get in the winter especially. Lots of upper respiratory stuff – she’s snuffling pretty good.…Read more »

Merry Christmas from Luke and Leia

Luke and Leia are very excited…well, maybe it is me who is very excited. They have an approved couple that plans to adopt them both in January once Leia is spayed. They haven’t all met yet, but that happens Monday and I will be surprised (and very disappointed!) if it falls apart. They’ve seen pictures…Read more »

Kittens in Review

One of my favorite bloggers posted a wonderful group of landscape photos taken all over the world on her previous trips just to remind us all that there is still beauty in this world, even in the midst of some pretty dark or challenging days. (Her photos are exquisite, and I envy her eye and…Read more »