Twelve Hours Old

Sometimes you make plans and things go more or less according to what you expected. Other days, the universe has something entirely else in mind. Friday was one of those days. We have a TNR clinic coming up Wednesday and the two cats to be trapped were supposed to be trapped sometime between Saturday night…Read more »


Last week fifteen wonderful volunteers gathered and gave the Derry Township Community Cats cat house (yes, we call it the cat house) a spring cleaning. Just in time for our newest short-term resident to check in. Meet Sam. Sam was being fed by a kindly caretaker who noticed he wasn’t very well, and she did…Read more »


While most of the work of Derry Township Community Cats is about trap/neuter/return (TNR) occasionally we get calls about stray cats who appear to be sick or, in most cases, dying or already deceased. We are not a rescue organization so we don’t take in strays in general, but if they are in distress we…Read more »

Humor and Heartbreak

We don’t normally get a warm welcome from the cats we are trying to trap for their spay/neuter surgeries, but every rule has an exception. This week’s group was that exception. About 3/4 of the group is either outright friendly or semi-friendly. We were able to just pick up a couple of the cats. The…Read more »