Dog Training Month

We’re starting a day early, but December is going to be dog training month. Gracie and I have had invites to go sit with children reading, and at the last one we were asked to do some tricks, but we haven’t kept up on that much. We did what we could, but we can do…Read more »

The Last Bodhi Chronicle: In Memoriam

“Do you think we will be able to walk him?” Marley asked when I first proposed going to look at Bodhi (then named Buddy) to maybe adopt. We had never had a blind dog, knew nothing about it, but something about his story drew me. Bodhi’s original owner died suddenly, and the relatives didn’t want…Read more »

Vote for Bodhi!

Castaway Critters is having its annual photo contest, featuring photos of all sorts of rescued pets. This year I’ve entered Bodhi in the contest. Enough votes and he might even grace the cover of the 2023 calendar, and there are also 12 whole pages for the other top 11 vote-getters. Votes are $1 each with…Read more »