More kittens

Guess what our trapper extraordinaire caught tonight? If you’re guessing kittens, you’re right!  Six of them, many calico and tortie so female. Probably about a month old, blue eyes still, but eating and moving around comfortably. Here’s a terrible pic taken with my phone. It was too late to go home and get my camera,…Read more »

Everything’s a Toy

When you’re a kitten and you’re eight weeks old, and you no longer have Coccidia or any other parasites bothering your insides, everything is a toy, even your brother! Rosie and Tyler, our farm kittens we brought into care at the tail end of May, are doing great, and ready for the amazing new home…Read more »

Farm kittens

Well, kitten season is in full swing, and we got two new ones yesterday. We are TNR’ing a group of eight cats, but these two little sweeties were dropped, by their mom, on the porch of the house, and then she disappeared. They are probably about 6-7 weeks old, and very social. Unfortunately the change…Read more »

Kitten Country

The kittens get to be out exploring now. One has to be very careful when walking around when the little hellions are loose – they are everywhere. The pictures speak for themselves. They are great explorers. Everything is a toy or a mountain to be climbed. We have a very sweet male tiger in the…Read more »