With 9 more months of photos to take (yikes!!) I joined the Hershey Gardens today so I’ll have lots of opportunities to shoot flowers through at least some of the seasons. But not much is blooming yet here…give us a month. In the meantime, the Butterfly House there is doing wonderfully, and many of the…Read more »

Out for a Stroll

I’m into my third month of the 365 project, a photo a day for a year. It gets harder at the weeks go on, but I’m plugging away, and learning a lot about what I like and don’t like, and the cool things you can do with photos, including a little play with filters (photo#2…Read more »

The Morning After

It snowed for hours yesterday morning, and sleet and freezing rain followed, for an event that lasted about 18 hours. While inconvenient, much in our area simply stopped, and there was something very quiet and peaceful about that. We had to cancel midday dog walks with snow falling an inch an hour, and many businesses…Read more »


Just a picture I took for the 365 project (photo a day for a year!). I am hoping to go back and shoot this again as the seasons change, as forsythia will bloom in spring, leaves change color in fall, etc. With snow forecasted I may need to go back and capture it in snow…Read more »