Crazy Ass Days

Well, the world is definitely Topsy-turvy these days. And there really isn’t much we can do except weather it all as best we can. I think we’ll all be doing a lot of online stuff over the next while since we’re being encouraged to distance ourselves in person. Here’s what’s going on in my corner…Read more »

Snowmagedon 2016

Sometimes new clients complain to me that they don’t have a backup plan for their pets in the event that weather prevents us from getting to their fur kids. We require backup plans for most animals. And though we truly appreciate that everyone thinks that we can’t be stopped by sleet, snow, ice and floods,…Read more »


To say that my days have been hectic is a bit of an understatement. Very full pet sitting schedule, plus this week is our June TNR (trap/neuter/return) week, which adds all sorts of craziness to my days. To top it all off, a cat I care for regularly has been very ill this week, and…Read more »

Crazy Sunday

This cat’s expression says it all. What the hell happened today? Are we having a “scare Debra” day? Did I miss the announcement? Honestly, if I’d known I would just have stayed in bed this morning. One client with a dog that has a probable urinary tract infection. The poor thing squatted about 15 times…Read more »