Growth Spurt

Sorry to be so absent lately. Partly it is my busy pet sitting season. Partly pet sitting for some animals who aren’t terribly well. Partly that I made the decision to stretch myself and get a real camera, and spend some time studying and try to bump up my skills. The camera arrived yesterday, and…Read more »

Marley’s Garden

Pardon a completely off-topic post today…unless it counts that some of our animals spend a lot of time in the gardens pictured and that there’s a dog and cat in the last photo, sorta.  My husband, Marley, is the gardener in the family, and before some of the early summer flowers completely disappear, I had…Read more »

Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned: Feral Cats, Winter

This week’s photo challenge asks for pictures of what has been abandoned. These particular feral or community cats are not abandoned. They do have caretakers who have gotten everyone spayed or neutered, vaccinated, and medical problems handled, and they are fed daily. But some many colonies of community cats consist of cats who HAVE been…Read more »