It’s a very good thing that most of our days doing TNR work (trap/neuter/return) are successful ones. The colony we tackled in February was incredibly gratifying, knowing that we got to the group in time to prevent 13 cats from turning into 50  or 60 or more by year’s end. Successes like that help keep…Read more »

The Straggler

Some of you read about the colony we were working on most recently.  There were 13 cats in this colony and, in the end, we only got twelve of them. Now, 12 was great, especially with 8 of those cats being females. But still…it is so much more satisfying to finish the job. The colony…Read more »

Storm Chasers: TNR Version

“There’s a tornado warning out. Do you want to trap the kittens?” Absolutely.  And yes, we are a little bit crazy, but sometimes in trap/neuter/return work, crazy is required. It isn’t as bad as it sounds, though P. and I did wonder, as we sat in her SUV under a giant tree with branches swiping…Read more »

Lucky Cat

Meet Lucky: Not a great photo, since I only got to snap a couple shots with my phone before whisking Lucky off to the vet today. His trapper, a local person who helps lots of folks trap/spay/neuter their cats, arrived and told me what she could about him, and off we went to the vet…Read more »