Vacation and Foster update

Our vacation was a rough start…but things have improved. First a couple photos from today. We visited Assateague and were lucky enough to see some of the horses, about 11 altogether. We had a nice hike on a sand trail. Walking on sand takes a good bit more energy than walking on dirt, so I…Read more »

Vocation II

Vocation has long been a theme of mine. Looking back, I wrote about it three years ago here. (I’ve been doing this that long??) Then, as now, I think life is better when we are able to do the things that we love doing, and that the world needs us to do, as preacher and…Read more »


“What do you mean, you’re going on vacation?”  Clearly, Thomas is not happy.     “Who will feed us? Scoop the litter? Keep those pesky dogs away from us? Who???” “You know B,” I tell Thomas. “You like B, remember? She’s taken care of you before and everything was just fine. And L and R…Read more »