I’m thinking I need to go back to school for sexing cats. Haven’t done so well with some of them lately. In my own defense, it is hard to sex a cat that you’ve never met before who is standing in a crate and you’re trying to peer at his or her butt and figure…Read more »

Anabelle Update

We love all (or almost all!) the cats that come through our doors, but this little kitten is rather extraordinary. Or maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think so. She’s absolutely gorgeous to begin with, and she is one of the happiest, friendliest kittens I’ve ever encountered, especially considering she was brought in from…Read more »


It was the stereotypical dark and stormy day and evening last Monday, and a call came in. There’s a kitten outside and I can’t take her in. But she could bring her to us. Meet Anabelle. Anabelle looked pretty darn scraggly, and her long hair disguised the fact that she was underweight as well. She’s…Read more »

In Memoriam: Gabi

Gabi was the only kitten I’ve ever seriously considered strangling. She was a tiny ball of calico when I adopted her and brought her home – adorable, sweet. I put her into my craft room that first night to prevent her meeting my other cat until I could get her checked at the vet, but…Read more »