Gracie Chronicles: Snow Puppy

I don’t know that I believe in reincarnation, but if I did, I think Gracie would have to have been some Northern snow dog in her past – a husky, Samoyed, St. Bernard…something. She loves the snow. She isn’t a huge fan of the cold, and wants to come inside quickly if the temps are…Read more »

Mystique and the Clicker

I’ve had some requests to see Mystique work with the clicker training, and she is still so shy with people she doesn’t know that I had to try to film her while doing the clicker and such. So this isn’t great video, but this is Mystique targeting (touching the ball with her nose) and one…Read more »

Sun Nap

What do you do when the winds are howling and it is cold and miserable outside? You come in from your walk, grab an antler, and head for the nearest bit of sun for a nap.

She’s Back!

Mystique is back!! Ruby was all dried out after finishing weaning her kittens and she’s back at the rescue, and Mystique is back with me…for a little while. She has an adopter, a really good one…a member of our WordPress community. I couldn’t be happier for her or her adopter. Mystique will go off to…Read more »