The Fosters: Amelia

My 17 day break from fostering ended today. A kind soul, who feeds outdoor cats, had a small cat wander to her early am feeding today, and the cat was pretty ill with the kind of stuff that outdoor cats get in the winter especially. Lots of upper respiratory stuff – she’s snuffling pretty good.…Read more »

Before the Storm

Gracie has the right idea with the sun today (Saturday): She’s enjoying it while she can, ’cause all evidence so far is that we’re gonna get a reasonable amount of snow the next couple days and we’re going to be inside without a sunbeam in sight. Leelu and Gracie (known as “the girls”) and I…Read more »

Doggy Days

With no kittens in my foster room it is doggy days for awhile. (My brain has yet to realize that there aren’t cats in the foster room and reminds me at least a half dozen times a day to check on the cats that aren’t there right now, but what can I do?!) Leelu and…Read more »

A little enrichment for the day!

I’ve been reading a really excellent book on canine enrichment, which includes not just the usual games and such, but enrichment for dogs from about a dozen perspectives, including space, safety, and so much more. Excellent read and easy reading, written by two folks who have excellent qualifications in behavioral issues as well as dog…Read more »

Leelu Chronicles: Crazy Times

Sorry to be so quiet here. Life has been really crazy. Or rather, Leelu has been really crazy and I’ve been really stressed. When last we met, Leelu had been put on Carprofen for pain (which is working very nicely) and Prozac for anxiety. Only the Prozac ratcheted up her anxiety big time. It is…Read more »

Update on Leelu

It was a wild couple of days. Those of you who follow me know that Leelu had one of her “episodes” last Thursday. Pain in one of her legs sent her to her go-to place whenever she is in pain or scared: snapping at faces and hands, baring her teeth, growling, etc. She’s pretty scary…Read more »