Vote for Winston!

Those of you who follow me regularly here know that Derry Township Community Cats, our TNR program, is my baby. Our non-profit insurance company has a photo contest each year, and the top vote-getter receives $250 and the next 19 vote-getters receive $100, which spays/neuters three cats. We’ve entered the contest again this year, with…Read more »

In Memoriam: Stripe

When Marley and I got married a dozen or so years ago, we had some animals in our lives already, and ended up adopting many others, resulting in a household in the last few years of senior animals, and way too many of them passing in a short time frame. This time we said goodbye…Read more »

Sympathetic Sickness

Maybe you know about sympathetic pregnancies? Well, Gilda and I are doing a version of this, only it is sympathetic sickness. We’re sharing upper respiratory problems, and asthma. Gilda is actually doing better, at least with the asthma. She’s fully able to use her inhaler twice a day now (with my assistance, of course…that opposable…Read more »

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all of you who celebrate this day! My first Christmas present was a lack of snow overnight, making morning pet sitting on Christmas Day no problem at all. Great gift. But my husband also knows me far too well and got me another wonderful present. Too true…or at least true that I…Read more »

Gilda’s Asthma Part 2

I love how the universe seems to think I’m up to learning more about the critters, and actually, perhaps this time the universe was right. I’m loving teaching Gilda how to use an inhaler…not something I ever even thought about before. I’m such a junkie for learning new things about cats especially. The steroids she…Read more »

Gilda and the Aerocat

Best laid plans are always subject to interruption, and three cats needing lots of care took priority over blogging the last few days. Two of our own cats are still doing very poorly on the feeding front, despite perfect blood work, x-rays, and ultrasounds.  I could pursue more advanced medical diagnoses, but I think two…Read more »