In Memoriam: Thomas

As Marley and I waited and watched Thomas over the last couple days, the path became clear, as it often does. One of the theories for Thomas’s partial facial paralysis was the existence of lesions or a brain tumor. We didn’t test for that since it would stress Thomas unduly, and while it would tell…Read more »


I’ve written here about Butterscotch and aging, which continues along. We actually both survived giving her my first intramuscular shot. I was more nervous than she was, but we got the job done. She has very little muscle tone, so it is really hard figuring out what is muscle and what is tissue, but I…Read more »

Falling Apart

What’s that saying…old age is not for sissies? We seem to be falling apart here, and working to restore balance amongst us older members of the household. Butterscotch gets older by the week, and her arthritis more challenging. Taking her out for a walk on slippery snow just isn’t an option right now, and lack…Read more »