The Not So Quiet Week

It was supposed to be a sort of quiet week this week…before two really busy ones. But it wasn’t. It hardly ever is. Cats. Kittens. It is always cats and kittens who fill up any empty space, and they did a good job this week. One of the 11 kittens may have ringworm. Tests are…Read more »

What Were We Thinking?

Every once in a while we, well usually me or P., my trapping partner at Derry Township Community Cats, do something really crazy. Last year, it was trapping kittens in a raging thunderstorm with tornado warnings about.   And because it’s been about a year since that little episode of insanity, I guess it was time…Read more »

Callie’s Kittens

Early last March we (Derry Township Community Cats) was notified about a small colony that needed some spay/neuter attention. The caretaker had never heard of us, which amazes us, but it happens. She was, however, feeling overwhelmed and was glad for the help in controlling her outside kitty population. Problem was, at least one cat…Read more »

The Little Red S.O.S.

I’ve been fostering a very sweet cat named Scooter.  He’s been stuck all by himself in my foster room for a few weeks, and we were all ready to transfer him to a location with other cats and open spaces, and the poor guy developed a 103.6 fever and upper respiratory problems. So he’s still…Read more »

In Memoriam: Teddy

Teddy, we barely knew you, but we miss you, and you were loved during your very short life. (Teddy with his siblings) We lost poor little Teddy, who was just a little over three weeks old, yesterday morning. Fading Kitten Syndrome, per the vet, and nothing we could have done. He stopped nursing a few…Read more »

Empty Bowls

I’ve rarely been so glad to see a bunch of empty bowls. But let me back up a bit. Scooter is a cat that we, at Derry Township Community Cats, took in about a week ago. He and his buddy were out on the streets and some folks took them in during a cold spell,…Read more »