Empty Bowls

I’ve rarely been so glad to see a bunch of empty bowls. But let me back up a bit. Scooter is a cat that we, at Derry Township Community Cats, took in about a week ago. He and his buddy were out on the streets and some folks took them in during a cold spell,…Read more »

JoJo Update

We’re here to tell you that pink gums are a whole lot better than yellow ones. JoJo, who was badly jaundiced when last you heard about him, is doing a whole lot better these days. Three days after he started his meds his red blood cell count went from 22 (anything below 25 is anemia)…Read more »

Yellow Gums

“I think JoJo’s gums and ears look yellow,” said P, when she called me this morning. Yellow isn’t a good color for gums or the insides of ears, so I suggested she call the vet and see if we could get an appointment. Being Monday they were full up until tomorrow, so we decided to…Read more »


I first read about JoJo on Next Door late last December. He was wandering around a neighborhood with an injured foot and a collar that was much too tight. He was fairly friendly however, so someone else on the list got involved and was able, with help, to cut the collar off. Our program (Derry…Read more »

Winston and the Contest

Contest winners aren’t officially announced until Monday, but Winston looks to be #6, and he just had to be in the top 20 to win $100 for us, thank you all for helping us help the cats! Winston wanted to stop by here personally and show you what a big boy he is now –…Read more »

Gilda at Home

Thank you all for your patience with our photo contest. Thought you might enjoy a change of pace and a return to more normal content here today. An update on Gilda. Gilda is one of three cats tossed out to manage on her own when her people were evicted. You can read my earlier blog…Read more »