I’ve been negligent in catching you up on my current foster, Ruby. She’s an utterly sweet cat – loves everyone on sight. A playing machine!! The only way I could get her off me so I could photograph her was to set out her toys, and off she goes to play. Her spay is scheduled…Read more »


Meet the newest foster: Ruby. Mystique went back to the rescue, a little unexpectedly. We were planning to have our bedroom floor replaced late February or early March, and the contractor called a week ago and wanted to know if we were ready. No! But we got ready really quick, and that included moving into…Read more »

Mystique and the Clicker

“You’re going to do what?,” the cashier at the pet store asked me. I was picking up Temptations treats (a true favorite of Mystique’s, which makes it a high value treat), and I mentioned that I needed them for clicker-training her. The cashier was surprised you can clicker train a cat, but really you can…Read more »

Mystique Update

You’d hardly know her. Separating Mystique from the gang for awhile has turned her into a people (or person, in this case) oriented cat. She still hangs under the futon, but she comes out to see my now when I come to visit. She climbs on my lap!! And she gives head butts, does elevator…Read more »


Meet Mystique. She’s my newest project. Excuse the poor lighting and photograph, but it’s the best I can do for the moment, for reasons that will become clear. Mystique was part of a very large (40+ cats) outdoor colony that was TNR’d this past summer. She’s about 9-10 months old now, so she was young…Read more »

Foster Kittens: Getting to Know You

I’ve been working with the newest fosters. They’re not at all aggressive, but they are shy in varying degrees. They are starting to understand that when I come in the foster room I bring the best toys and the best food, and that cuddles and pets are required in exchange. I’m getting pretty good responses…Read more »