The Bodhi Chronicles: Beach Dog!

Bodhi loves the beach, which isn’t much of a surprise. There’s very little that Bodhi doesn’t enjoy. He’s one of the most chill dogs I’ve ever met, much like Butterscotch of blessed memory. Butterscotch took everything in stride and enjoyed her days, and Bodhi is so much like her in that way. He’s been a joy to have on vacation with us. I think we’ll have to plan some more beach time in the future, for him and for us!

Bodhi Chronicles: Beach Week

We’re away for a week of R&R, and Bodhi got to join us this time. A friend has a beach home and she was kind enough to let us use it and bring Bodhi for his first beach adventure. So far he seems to enjoy it, but there’s very little that Bodhi doesn’t enjoy. We brought a sheet along to cover the couch, so we wouldn’t leave dog hair all over, and Bodhi has settled there with Marley, as he does as home, and he’s taken to the beach and ocean as if he’s always known it. Such an easy traveler. Life is good.


Jan Challenge Day 14: Bodhi

Bodhi is rarely off-leash outside the house, and I think he prefers it that way. Because of his blindness he counts on our guidance at the other end of the leash to keep him from bumping into things, and we’re successful most of the time. No more mindless walking for us when we’ve got Bodhi out! But I thought I’d give him a try off-leash in the backyard which isn’t fenced, but is fairly contained, and he enjoyed walking around a bit, and then plopped on the grass to relax. Nice to get some photos of him outside that don’t have a leash and harness in them.




Bodhi update

A brief interruption in the January photo challenge and the cat photo contest…

Bodhi had the specific gravity of his urine tested again today, about two weeks after the start of med, and HALLELUJAH, he is finally concentrating his urine. Such a hugh relief. His numbers aren’t as high as a dog of his age might be, but they are better than last week’s and in a zone the vet is comfortable with. No specialists for Bodhi…phew!! He will be on the medication for diabetes insipidus for life, but it is one (somewhat expensive) eye drop twice a day. We can all live with that.


We are very happy campers here.

Bodhi Update

Bodhi’s meds came today, a compounded eye drop that he will get am and pm each day. How easy is that? Even easier than most dogs since he is blind and he can’t see the dropper over his eye.


But the best news…at least it seems so at this early moment…is that six hours after his first dose, Bodhi has stayed away from his water bowl for four hours…unheard of before. On his evening walk, he peed one small stream instead of the three really large ones he usually does. I am feeling really hopeful, and very curious to see if he makes it through the night without peeing in his sleep. (Thank God for belly bands is all I can say.) But paws crossed that we’ve found the answer for this sweet boy. It would be the best New Year’s present ever.