Cat Challenges

Gracie and I are taking a short break from our serious training schedule. We’ve been in one or more classes most of the time since last September, and once she got her CGC it was time for a brief rest. We start up with an intense class to help her get ready for her therapy…Read more »

Annie’s progress

Some of you might remember a recent post about Annie, our little feral. New Alliances. She hasn’t let me touch her much since she was a sick (close to dying) kitten some years ago. She eats from my hand and she will sometimes let me pet her when I give her a meal, but that’s…Read more »

Hiro’s summer gazebo

Well, Hiro’s summer gazebo is up and furnished. He has food, water, shelter, cat bed, cat grass, and catnip to entertain him, and I’ll bring a lawn chair in too so I can take a book out there to read and hang out with him some. He won’t be out there all the time by…Read more »

Ambassador Lily

Lily, until recently, was always the low cat on the totem pole. An innocuous little grey kitty, sibling of Thomas and Stripe, she almost didn’t come home with us. I was taking Thomas from the shelter, and Marley’s son had picked out Stripe, and then there was Lily. A little grey kitten who turned into…Read more »