Helping Season

The call showed up on Facebook a day or two ago. PAWS, one of our rescue partners, had been called in to help with a situation involving 120 + cats. A family member was entering a care facility, and the property was going to be auctioned off. The cats had to go, and PAWS agreed…Read more »

Hiro and the Cat Walk

One of the most heart-breaking parts of rescue work is when really great animals don’t get adopted. Hiro was one of those cats. He was a kitten when we first met, is absolutely gorgeous, friendly, and affectionate. It may be because he is mostly black that no one looked at him, but as he got…Read more »


Gabby is the most senior of our pets, and the one who has been with me the longest. She is a stately calico cat who watches over the other five cats carefully, but it wasn’t always so. Gabby, in her younger years, was a demon cat. Gabby showed her colors from day—or perhaps I should…Read more »