The Fosters: Hannah

Hannah’s kittens have been getting all the attention lately, and Hannah (very nicely) reminded me that she deserves a little attention too. She’s still a kitten too, after all. Hannah’s around 8 months old – too young to have month-old kittens – but she’s a very good momma cat. This will be her only litter…Read more »

Garden Cat

My birthday and Christmas present for the next couple years came this week, when I treated myself to a new camera lens, a Zeiss 135mm. “You’re an addict,” my sister wrote in an email to me. I promised not to buy any more camera equipment for ages. My sister’s response: “The words of an addict…Read more »

Warm on a cold night

I ordered this for our cats, and it arrived today. All the cats loved it so much loved that I ordered four more. And I really want one that fits me. It’s getting cold out there, and I’d be really happy to snuggle up in one of these myself! You listening, Santa? (If you want…Read more »