The request jumped out at me last Spring on Facebook. I don’t know why, since I didn’t follow that particular rescue regularly, but one of our larger local groups was begging for volunteers to help them process adoption applications. I’d recently left working with a cat program in our area, a little burned out after…Read more »

Gotcha Day: Thelma and Louise

Thelma and Louise found themselves a great forever home, and they went off with their new person today. Gracie is not happy, since she considered the two of them her kittens, but she’ll get over it. I’m so pleased for the two who have a home together, and it looks like a great one. I…Read more »

Gracie, Louise AND Thelma!

One more video…can’t help myself. Thelma is now getting into the fun. More cautiously than Louise, who just charges in, but I’m glad to see Thelma engaging. And I think Gracie gets to become one of our official dog testers, at least for kittens. She has a great and gentle play style with them, with…Read more »

Gracie and Louise

Just a short video today. Gracie and Louise hit it off big time. Thelma isn’t too sure of Gracie yet, but she’s not reacting badly…just cautious. Louise, however threw caution to the wind, and Gracie is even giving her play bows. Gracie can’t wait to play some more!

The Kittens Meet Gracie

Gracie has been utterly entranced with the kittens in the foster room. The door to the kitten’s room has become dog TV for her. She spends an endless amount of time watching for paws or any other action. The kittens, for their part, are fascinated by Gracie, and paws and toys are exchanged regularly. The…Read more »

Why I Foster

A couple months ago I stated a group dog walk on one of the online platforms, a weekly dog walk after work. Yesterday’s walk was a small one – three Cavaliers and our lab, Bodhi. The Cavaliers (Gracie, her mom and one of her sisters) just attract attention, more than any other dog I’ve had.…Read more »