Mystique Update

You’d hardly know her. Separating Mystique from the gang for awhile has turned her into a people (or person, in this case) oriented cat. She still hangs under the futon, but she comes out to see my now when I come to visit. She climbs on my lap!! And she gives head butts, does elevator…Read more »


Meet Mystique. She’s my newest project. Excuse the poor lighting and photograph, but it’s the best I can do for the moment, for reasons that will become clear. Mystique was part of a very large (40+ cats) outdoor colony that was TNR’d this past summer. She’s about 9-10 months old now, so she was young…Read more »

Derry Cats in Photo Contest

A little break from our usual…but hoping you want to help the Derry Township Community Cats program win some cash! We are entered into a photo contest with lots of other non-profits, and voting is today (Monday) through Friday. You don’t need to register or anything, just vote! You can vote once every 24 hours…Read more »

Happy First Year

The email arrived in my inbox this week. Time for Gilda’s annual vet visit and some vaccinations. Which means Gilda has been with us a little over a year now. She was too sick when she first arrived to get her rabies and distemper vaccines, but she got them early January last year and it…Read more »