The Fosters: Bucky and Kitten Updates

With the weekend just about upon us, here is what’s happened here at foster central. As some of you saw from the comments, I do not have bottle feeder kittens. Things change in rescue all the time, and another rescue had a bottle feeder nearby and immediately available, while I wasn’t available for another day,…Read more »

The Fosters: Tidbits

It has been a busy time with the fosters…when is it not? But lots going on with all of them. Sugarberry, Huckleberry, and Rasberry went off to their forever home yesterday, and I heard that they were settling in beautifully. Their new people had come to visit them several times here which certainly helped with…Read more »

The Pharmacy

I’m the daughter of a pharmacist, but I’m beginning to feel like I own a pharmacy. My kitchen counter has more drugs on it than food most of the time. Some of this is Bucky. He gets an antibiotic twice a day (BID), and a pain medication three times a day (TID), an anti-inflamatory (BID)…Read more »

Sunday Morning Critters

Just some short videos of the more active members of the household this morning. The senior cats and dog are mostly sleeping, but the younger members and fosters are busy, busy, busy. A fellow blogger reminded me about snuffle mats, and I have one, so gave Bucky a few minutes of something fun to do.…Read more »