Sick Bay

It has been a long week or two with sick cats. If I haven’t been at the vet’s office each day, I’ve been on the phone with them, even on the weekends, getting updates on one of our cats who was hospitalized for a week with who knows what. Jasper, a really beautiful long-haired boy,…Read more »

The Not So Quiet Week

It was supposed to be a sort of quiet week this week…before two really busy ones. But it wasn’t. It hardly ever is. Cats. Kittens. It is always cats and kittens who fill up any empty space, and they did a good job this week. One of the 11 kittens may have ringworm. Tests are…Read more »

What Were We Thinking?

Every once in a while we, well usually me or P., my trapping partner at Derry Township Community Cats, do something really crazy. Last year, it was trapping kittens in a raging thunderstorm with tornado warnings about.   And because it’s been about a year since that little episode of insanity, I guess it was time…Read more »

30 Cats Later

It has been one very long month. And at the risk of jinxing everything, hopefully there will be a little breathing space for a couple days. Paws crossed. We trapped 30 cats this month. 19 of them have been spayed or neutered. 18 have gone home. One will have her badly damaged and blind eye…Read more »

Semi Catch Up

I haven’t forgotten you all…really. I’m buried in cats we are trapping, and as always happens about this part of the summer, the cats are coming out of the bushes and there are kittens to get and sick cats to take care of. There are stories to tell, but little time to share them right…Read more »