The Kittens Meet Gracie

Gracie has been utterly entranced with the kittens in the foster room. The door to the kitten’s room has become dog TV for her. She spends an endless amount of time watching for paws or any other action. The kittens, for their part, are fascinated by Gracie, and paws and toys are exchanged regularly. The…Read more »

Why I Foster

A couple months ago I stated a group dog walk on one of the online platforms, a weekly dog walk after work. Yesterday’s walk was a small one – three Cavaliers and our lab, Bodhi. The Cavaliers (Gracie, her mom and one of her sisters) just attract attention, more than any other dog I’ve had.…Read more »

The Fosters: Thelma and Louise

It is crazy pet-sitting season. School is out and everyone is leaving town except the pet sitters, so I’m a little crazed (in a good way…maybe…ask me in August.) In the meantime, my little fosters are doing great and almost weigh enough to get spayed and their rabies shots and be available for adoption. They…Read more »

Cat Challenges, Part 3

Well, we had one peeing episode yesterday. I’m pretty sure Gracie chasing the cats while Marley and I worked on the front porch was the cause. The cats have also discovered that if they jump on the breakfast bar and push any papers on it off onto the floor that Gracie will grab the papers…Read more »

Cat Challenges, Part 2

I shouldn’t write this out loud, so to speak, but Minh hasn’t peed inappropriately for four days. Woo hoo! The results of his vet appointment on Monday: he’s in perfect health. Blood, urine, x-rays all excellent. No health issue at play here. Which is good news and bad news. The vet is willing to put…Read more »

Cat Challenges

Gracie and I are taking a short break from our serious training schedule. We’ve been in one or more classes most of the time since last September, and once she got her CGC it was time for a brief rest. We start up with an intense class to help her get ready for her therapy…Read more »

Thelma and Louise

Thelma and Louise have been with me since last Wednesday and we’re getting to know each other. They are ADORABLE!! I can barely walk into the foster room. The second I open the door they come sliding across the floor to see me and I have to be really careful I don’t step on the…Read more »