The Fosters: One Month Old!

The kittens are one month old today. They’ve moved out of the nest into their own apartment – the brown and beige cat cave you’ll see in the video here. That’s where they sleep now, giving mom cat Amelia some time on her own. They have started to use their litter box – woo hoo!…Read more »

Just some pictures

Things have been busy and I’m tuckered, but there’s always enough time to snap a photo of two. So just some pictures for a little fun…random critters in the house right now. Scruffy Scruffy and our pups on a rainy afternoon Cat and kitty – Amelia and her babies Sorry for the blurriness on these.…Read more »

The Fosters: Amelia’s kitten videos

Kittens this age aren’t the most exciting thing to watch or play with, but they’re doing just what they should be doing at 13 days old. They are getting close to being able to regulate their own body temperatures, so I took them out of their cozy crate for a few moments so you could…Read more »

Gone Fishing

Well, we haven’t really gone fishing, and it is doubtful that we ever would, but we are going to be going into semi-retirement soon. It is now official, and it is my surprise #2. Clients have been notified, and come May 31st Marley and I are moving on to the next phase of our lives.…Read more »