In Memoriam: Stripe

When Marley and I got married a dozen or so years ago, we had some animals in our lives already, and ended up adopting many others, resulting in a household in the last few years of senior animals, and way too many of them passing in a short time frame. This time we said goodbye…Read more »

All Souls Day

Marley and I lost three of our pets this year, two dogs and one cat. That was a lot in one year, and we would be glad to go quite awhile before losing another. Many of our pet sitting clients passed over the Bridge this year too, so lots and lots of loss. I don’t…Read more »

In Memoriam: Thomas

As Marley and I waited and watched Thomas over the last couple days, the path became clear, as it often does. One of the theories for Thomas’s partial facial paralysis was the existence of lesions or a brain tumor. We didn’t test for that since it would stress Thomas unduly, and while it would tell…Read more »

In Memoriam: Butterscotch

Dad was going to send her back to the pound with a sizeable check when he couldn’t keep Butterscotch anymore. In his defense, he didn’t really know what happened to nine year old dogs who aren’t well in the pound in upstate New York. “That’s not going to happen,” I told him. “I will take…Read more »

Paris: In Memoriam

I’ve written often about Butterscotch and aging. We really thought she would be the first to go of our two dogs. But Paris beat her to the punch line today. He always was a little competitive with her. At 6:30 this morning (yesterday by the time you read this) he was his usual self. Barking…Read more »

RIP Elvis

I got word tonight that this sweet boy was put to sleep today. He was a wonderful cat, and though his people moved from the area a year or so ago, we’ve kept in touch. I even visited with them and this sweet boy last fall on our vacation. For some reason, he loved these…Read more »