The Three W’s Progress Report

So much changes at this age for kittens! Winnie and Winston are approaching five weeks old and they’ve gone from little fluff balls who could only wobble to kittens who can scamper away from mom when they’re loose. Willow (mom) doesn’t particularly appreciate their attempts at independence and either calls them back or goes and…Read more »

The Three W’s

Now that our newest guests have settled in a bit, it’s time for a better introduction to them. Meet Willow (mom cat) Winnie: And Winston: Winnie and Winston are between three and four weeks old, and just starting to wobble around. Today, for the first time, I saw them starting to play and wrestle. Cute…Read more »

The Mia Update

Mia is eating – woo hoo!! And just as the vet predicted, she has diarrhea too. Gotta get rid of all those roundworms somehow. But after three days of eating little or nothing, she started eating just a bit yesterday, finished her bowl overnight last night, and is going to town on her food today.…Read more »

The Worry Factor

Awhile ago those of us who are board members for Derry Township Community Cats wrote out draft job descriptions, and I may have to amend mine. I forgot to include the one thing that I spend more time doing than most anything else: worrying! It’s one thing (and still not good) when a ten pound…Read more »