Butt Baths

Rescue work is so glamorous!! Our Derry Township Community Cats group took in 6 kittens as an emergency placement for a couple weeks to help our one of our rescue partners. All of them have diarrhea, of course! So spent this morning giving butt baths. This is a terrible photo, but will give you the…Read more »

The Five are Three

The kittens are three weeks old today! Well, technically tonight…but close enough. Clearly they won’t fit in this basket much longer. They are all in the 12 ounce range now, some are 12.5. All gained weight last week, and that’s what we like to see. Our little girl with the icky eye, Buffy, is looking…Read more »

Our Eyes Are Open: Two Weeks Old

I was out of town for a week and so much changes with kittens of this age. At two weeks old, they doubled in weight. They’re around 10 ounces now, headed to a full pound soon I suspect. Their eyes are open, and they are able to stand, though they mostly wobble on those legs.…Read more »

Confused Cat?

One of my Derry Township Community Cat colleagues sent me this picture this evening. A cat trying to get IN to our cat house. Now, most cats work real hard at staying out of our traps so they don’t have to come to the cat house. So this guy is confused. Either that, or he’s…Read more »