Gracie Chronicles: Day Two

If you’re worried that I will flood you with a day-by-day account of Gracie, never fear. We’ll give her a little break time from blog world after today. There’s just so much we’ve been learning about each other in these first days…thought I’d share a bit more. First of all, I think I should rename…Read more »

Bodhi Chronicles: Graduation

It is the night before puppy Gracie arrives, and before I flood you with pictures and stories, I need to catch you up on one of Bodhi’s accomplishments. Bodhi graduated his first beginners obedience class last Sunday. He knew a lot of the material before the class started, but his biggest problem is that he…Read more »

Gracie Chronicles: Countdown

If you’ve been a reader here for awhile, you may be familiar with the Bodhi Chronicles, intermittent stories of our wonderful blind lab, Bodhi. He graduated from basic obedience today. He even won one of the contests – he kept a “down” position longer than any other dog in class, even with lots of distractions,…Read more »