The Fosters: Bucky and the kittens

Time flies, and it has been a week since I filled you all in on Bucky and the kittens. First, the kittens. They all did fine with the spay/neuter surgeries. Camila had a small hernia as well, which was repaired while she was under. Camila and Sergio are going to their new home Tuesday. Carlos…Read more »

Fall Dog Days

I am loving these fall days, and the dogs are too. We can be outside without frying, and we’re taking advantage of it. Bucky has good days and bad days, just like any teenager. On his good days he is the most amazing and delightful dog. On his bad days, throwing the loudest, most annoying…Read more »

The Fosters: Tidbits

It has been a busy time with the fosters…when is it not? But lots going on with all of them. Sugarberry, Huckleberry, and Rasberry went off to their forever home yesterday, and I heard that they were settling in beautifully. Their new people had come to visit them several times here which certainly helped with…Read more »