In Memoriam: Annie

We have lost far too many pets in the last two years. Most of them were quite elderly, and we expect that. But the heartbreak this week was losing Annie, who was only four. Annie joined our household four years ago. She was part of a colony that had been TNR’d, and some months after…Read more »

Annie’s progress

Some of you might remember a recent post about Annie, our little feral. New Alliances. She hasn’t let me touch her much since she was a sick (close to dying) kitten some years ago. She eats from my hand and she will sometimes let me pet her when I give her a meal, but that’s…Read more »

Annie Two Years Later

Two years has flown by quickly, though it didn’t always seem that way. I captured Annie, our little feral cat, on November 11, 2013. She was about six months old, and on death’s door then, a story told in my blog. After four months of intense care, she recovered completely, and has been living with…Read more »