The Fosters: Mickey

With Bucky’s PT completed there has to be something else to make me crazy occupy my time and keep me at the vet’s office. That’s Mickey for now! Mickey is one of the three foster kittens, and he hasn’t been very well, though he is active and happy. (Not to mention really adorable and very…Read more »

The Fosters: New boys in town

It is such a good thing that the new kittens arrived today. Ever since the last two left on Wednesday I keep thinking that I need to go check on the kittens, forgetting there aren’t any in the foster room now. And my body heads there to check on them, and Gracie keeps going to…Read more »

The Fosters: Random Foster Kitty Stuff

Amelia got spayed this week. She is not too excited about it, but there will be no more kittens in her future! Speaking of Tucker, he is back to being almost completely black, with just a couple splashes of the dark grey that started taking over when he was younger. He is either a) a…Read more »

Just some pictures

Things have been busy and I’m tuckered, but there’s always enough time to snap a photo of two. So just some pictures for a little fun…random critters in the house right now. Scruffy Scruffy and our pups on a rainy afternoon Cat and kitty – Amelia and her babies Sorry for the blurriness on these.…Read more »

Merry Christmas from Luke and Leia

Luke and Leia are very excited…well, maybe it is me who is very excited. They have an approved couple that plans to adopt them both in January once Leia is spayed. They haven’t all met yet, but that happens Monday and I will be surprised (and very disappointed!) if it falls apart. They’ve seen pictures…Read more »