Update on Bodhi and Mickey

It has been a wild few days, but things are getting a bit better for all. Little by little we are getting some answers and getting our footing now. Mickey was discharged from the hospital after a little more than 24 hours there. Apparently they thought he was adorable, but they were less thrilled that…Read more »

The Fosters: Mickey

Just a quick blog to say that Mickey is, thankfully, checking into the 24 hour emergency vet this evening. The vet doesn’t think he is able to absorb food or meds by ingesting them at this time. Poor guy hasn’t gained an ounce in three weeks; everything just goes in and right back out the…Read more »

Crazy Days

Most days I love fostering and caring for my own critters, and then there are other days…too many problems at once. This, too, shall pass, but OY!!! Mickey continues to have diarrhea, like 12 times a day, and he has now stopped using the litter boxes for it. That happens sometimes with cats who have…Read more »

The Fosters: Mickey

With Bucky’s PT completed there has to be something else to make me crazy occupy my time and keep me at the vet’s office. That’s Mickey for now! Mickey is one of the three foster kittens, and he hasn’t been very well, though he is active and happy. (Not to mention really adorable and very…Read more »