I know this is off-topic, but our lilac trees are blooming and I couldn’t resist some photos. (And it was a good excuse to break out my Zeiss lens which I use less often. Such pretty bokeh!) Our trees have not always produced a full crop of lilacs but they are bursting with them this…Read more »

The Remains of the Day

Pardon my completely off-topic (not animal related) post, but these logs have called to me many times while out walking Bodhi. There used to be a bunch of trees in this field and they were all recently chopped down. I don’t know if there was a tree-illness going around or what, but this is all…Read more »

What a Turkey!

Marley and I spent our last vacation day exploring a local park, and got to see some of the wildlife. A lovely way to end our trip. Back to the airport in the wee, dark hours of the morning tomorrow and back home. Vacations are lovely, but we are glad to be heading home too.…Read more »