Mary, Mary, Not Contrary

Six of the seven kittens will be going off to a rescue organization this Wednesday, beginning their journey toward good homes, far better than the one they were born into. They have gained weight and are close to what is normal for their ages, and their eye problems and upper respiratory problems are gone. They…Read more »


I’ve written here about Butterscotch and aging, which continues along. We actually both survived giving her my first intramuscular shot. I was more nervous than she was, but we got the job done. She has very little muscle tone, so it is really hard figuring out what is muscle and what is tissue, but I…Read more »


“What do you mean, you’re going on vacation?”  Clearly, Thomas is not happy.     “Who will feed us? Scoop the litter? Keep those pesky dogs away from us? Who???” “You know B,” I tell Thomas. “You like B, remember? She’s taken care of you before and everything was just fine. And L and R…Read more »