Crazy Ass Days

Well, the world is definitely Topsy-turvy these days. And there really isn’t much we can do except weather it all as best we can. I think we’ll all be doing a lot of online stuff over the next while since we’re being encouraged to distance ourselves in person. Here’s what’s going on in my corner…Read more »

Semi Catch Up

I haven’t forgotten you all…really. I’m buried in cats we are trapping, and as always happens about this part of the summer, the cats are coming out of the bushes and there are kittens to get and sick cats to take care of. There are stories to tell, but little time to share them right…Read more »

On Boredom

Sunday mornings ceased to be about church when I became a pet sitter almost 11 years ago. Sunday mornings (like most mornings) are spent pet sitting. As I drive around however, Krista Tippett’s program, On Being, is usually playing. Her program (or whatever part I manage to catch between visits)  has become, in essence, church…Read more »

Vocation II

Vocation has long been a theme of mine. Looking back, I wrote about it three years ago here. (I’ve been doing this that long??) Then, as now, I think life is better when we are able to do the things that we love doing, and that the world needs us to do, as preacher and…Read more »

RIP Elvis

I got word tonight that this sweet boy was put to sleep today. He was a wonderful cat, and though his people moved from the area a year or so ago, we’ve kept in touch. I even visited with them and this sweet boy last fall on our vacation. For some reason, he loved these…Read more »