New kids on the block

Nick and Nate are off with their foster, and I got to see them today. How did they grow soooo much in just week? They’re having a blast with the foster, have figured out how to escape the foster room, and they apparently think the resident Labradors are their BFFs.  All good. In the meantime,…Read more »

JoJo Update

We’re here to tell you that pink gums are a whole lot better than yellow ones. JoJo, who was badly jaundiced when last you heard about him, is doing a whole lot better these days. Three days after he started his meds his red blood cell count went from 22 (anything below 25 is anemia)…Read more »

WPC: Cheeky

Once again, I have to jump into the Weekly Photo Challenge.The theme this week is cheeky, defined as: Cheeky (adj): impudent or irreverent, typically in an endearing or amusing way. That’s pretty much the definition of kittens, so here, at nearly-year end, a review of some of my favorite cheeky, irreverent, endearing and amusing kittens…Read more »

WPC: Serene: Sleeping Cat

I haven’t participated in the Weekly Photo Challenge for a bit, but the challenge this week…something serene…brought this photo of our departed Gabi to mind.  She looked so serene in this shot, and I envied her the ability to just sleep anywhere, anytime.  She was a laid back, sweet soul.