30 Cats Later

It has been one very long month. And at the risk of jinxing everything, hopefully there will be a little breathing space for a couple days. Paws crossed. We trapped 30 cats this month. 19 of them have been spayed or neutered. 18 have gone home. One will have her badly damaged and blind eye…Read more »

In Memoriam: Teddy

Teddy, we barely knew you, but we miss you, and you were loved during your very short life. (Teddy with his siblings) We lost poor little Teddy, who was just a little over three weeks old, yesterday morning. Fading Kitten Syndrome, per the vet, and nothing we could have done. He stopped nursing a few…Read more »

On Boredom

Sunday mornings ceased to be about church when I became a pet sitter almost 11 years ago. Sunday mornings (like most mornings) are spent pet sitting. As I drive around however, Krista Tippett’s program, On Being, is usually playing. Her program (or whatever part I manage to catch between visits)  has become, in essence, church…Read more »

New kids on the block

Nick and Nate are off with their foster, and I got to see them today. How did they grow soooo much in just week? They’re having a blast with the foster, have figured out how to escape the foster room, and they apparently think the resident Labradors are their BFFs.  All good. In the meantime,…Read more »

JoJo Update

We’re here to tell you that pink gums are a whole lot better than yellow ones. JoJo, who was badly jaundiced when last you heard about him, is doing a whole lot better these days. Three days after he started his meds his red blood cell count went from 22 (anything below 25 is anemia)…Read more »