The Fosters: Socialization 101

Most people (or at least most of the people in the circles in which I travel) know that socializing a puppy in the early weeks makes a huge difference in the kind of dog the little one will be someday. Early socialization — meeting lots of people, new places, new challenges — can help to…Read more »

Gracie Chronicles: Happy Birthday!

Gracie is two today. Time has absolutely flown by, and we’ll be having a small birthday party with her sister today, and Gracie’s breeder, Bodhi and Gracie’s mom get to come too, so we’re looking forward to that. We’re meeting at the training center which has been closed since March, and there will just be…Read more »

The Fosters: Week 6-7

There aren’t that many milestones to report this week, which is normal at this point. We toodle along gaining weight and enjoying the world at this stage. Still working on getting everyone to start eating, which is mostly successful. I have to isolate Hannah for a few hours a day so the kittens get hungry…Read more »

The Fosters: One Week Old

The kittens made it through their first week – hooray! They all seem to be doing well, gaining appropriate weight, sleeping up a storm. But it was time for their first individual photo shoots, with a couple group shots. The buff one’s eyes are starting to open, and they all need nail trims! So here…Read more »

The Fosters, Day 3

Hannah and Petey are doing better, settling in and learning the ropes. Petey has been a bit of an adventure on the litter box end. He wasn’t using it, as I wrote earlier, so he got dog crate accommodations to try to help him understand what a litter box is. Most animals won’t pee and…Read more »