Bodhi Chronicle: Eye Update

Bodhi went to the vet’s today for a recheck on the removed eye, to get the stitches out, and to see if the new eye drops are helping the remaining eye. Well, good news and less good news. The removed eye socket has healed very nicely and the stitches came out, so all is well…Read more »

Bodhi Chronicles: Eye Trouble

Bodhi doesn’t get nearly as much attention here as some of our other critters, in large part because he is a daddy’s dog and mommy writes the blog, but today he’s the center of attention. Yesterday morning Marley noticed that Bodhi was squinting in his left eye and that the usual white color (Bodhi was…Read more »

The Old Lady

I’ve written about our old lady dog, Butterscotch, many times. Aging, when we’re fortunate, is a lengthy process. Butterscotch started down the getting-old path a couple years ago. Winter of 2014-15 we didn’t think she’d see the next one, but she did, and she’s still here, but she’s much further down the path these days.…Read more »


I’ve written here about Butterscotch and aging, which continues along. We actually both survived giving her my first intramuscular shot. I was more nervous than she was, but we got the job done. She has very little muscle tone, so it is really hard figuring out what is muscle and what is tissue, but I…Read more »