Gracie Chronicles: Snow Puppy

I don’t know that I believe in reincarnation, but if I did, I think Gracie would have to have been some Northern snow dog in her past – a husky, Samoyed, St. Bernard…something. She loves the snow. She isn’t a huge fan of the cold, and wants to come inside quickly if the temps are…Read more »

The Morning After

It snowed for hours yesterday morning, and sleet and freezing rain followed, for an event that lasted about 18 hours. While inconvenient, much in our area simply stopped, and there was something very quiet and peaceful about that. We had to cancel midday dog walks with snow falling an inch an hour, and many businesses…Read more »

Bodhi in the Snow, cont.

I had to do a little playing with one of Bodhi’s snow shots. Seemed like there was more to do with it, and there’s probably even more if I knew more about Photoshop, but I’m learning. (I erased his leash, how’s that?!) For those of you who don’t know, Bodhi is blind, which is why…Read more »

Snow Dog!

This is our first winter with Bodhi, and today was the first real snow we’ve had. Bodhi is overjoyed! Who knew we had a snow dog? He’s like a six-month old out there, even though he’s around five. He’s had a banner week, running in the fields with the bells, and now the snow. And…Read more »