Tommy’s Next Chapter

For those of you following the saga of Tommy, a kitten who came into our TNR program, and had oodles of health challenges. It turned out that Tommy had a raging ear infection, but no polyps when they knocked him out yesterday for a good look. And the antibiotic/steroid ear drops he’d been on for…Read more »

Twelve Hours Old

Sometimes you make plans and things go more or less according to what you expected. Other days, the universe has something entirely else in mind. Friday was one of those days. We have a TNR clinic coming up Wednesday and the two cats to be trapped were supposed to be trapped sometime between Saturday night…Read more »

Vocation II

Vocation has long been a theme of mine. Looking back, I wrote about it three years ago here. (I’ve been doing this that long??) Then, as now, I think life is better when we are able to do the things that we love doing, and that the world needs us to do, as preacher and…Read more »

Farm kittens

Well, kitten season is in full swing, and we got two new ones yesterday. We are TNR’ing a group of eight cats, but these two little sweeties were dropped, by their mom, on the porch of the house, and then she disappeared. They are probably about 6-7 weeks old, and very social. Unfortunately the change…Read more »

TNR Plus Plus?

The call came at the end of a very long day, just as I was finishing my last pet visit and looking forward to some dinner and some time watching The Voice. “We found another litter.” The colony we have TNR’d this last week had found another group of month-old kittens in a different out-building.…Read more »

TNR Plus

Sometimes TNR work is a little more than TNR. Or perhaps it is just delayed TNR. We’ve been working with a colony that had a nursing mom, but we didn’t know where her kittens were. You don’t take a nursing mom to be spayed, no matter what. It has to wait. Today, however, one of…Read more »

Humor and Heartbreak

We don’t normally get a warm welcome from the cats we are trying to trap for their spay/neuter surgeries, but every rule has an exception. This week’s group was that exception. About 3/4 of the group is either outright friendly or semi-friendly. We were able to just pick up a couple of the cats. The…Read more »