The Bodhi Chronicles: Beach Dog!

Bodhi loves the beach, which isn’t much of a surprise. There’s very little that Bodhi doesn’t enjoy. He’s one of the most chill dogs I’ve ever met, much like Butterscotch of blessed memory. Butterscotch took everything in stride and enjoyed her days, and Bodhi is so much like her in that way. He’s been a…Read more »

Bodhi Chronicles: Beach Week

We’re away for a week of R&R, and Bodhi got to join us this time. A friend has a beach home and she was kind enough to let us use it and bring Bodhi for his first beach adventure. So far he seems to enjoy it, but there’s very little that Bodhi doesn’t enjoy. We…Read more »

The Dog Nephews

Once a year, Marley and I get a week off, and this year we headed out to Sacramento to visit my sister, Audrey, and Marley’s middle son who is getting his PhD. at UC Berkeley in a subject I can’t even begin to explain. Part of the reason for visiting Audrey was to get some…Read more »

Vacation Critters

Just home from our vacation (and yes, I am less cranky), and am wading through things that need attention. Luckily, there isn’t too much of it since I work with a fabulous group of folks who took great care of everything while I was gone – so thankful! I will have some photos (non-critter ones)…Read more »