Sick Bay

It has been a long week or two with sick cats. If I haven’t been at the vet’s office each day, I’ve been on the phone with them, even on the weekends, getting updates on one of our cats who was hospitalized for a week with who knows what. Jasper, a really beautiful long-haired boy,…Read more »

I am not a veterinarian

I take it as a compliment. People consult me all the time, especially about their cats and occasionally dogs, wondering if I can tell them what ails the critter in question. Or whether there is something they can give – holistic, herbal, OTC stuff, whatever – that will solve the problem they’ve self-diagnosed their pet…Read more »

Vet Week

Godric of Finchale was a 12th century English hermit, and he was known for roaming the countryside to care for sick animals. He would search them out in the countryside, comfort and care for them, and provide whatever medical assistance he could. He even freed trapped animals, and saved a stag from hunters much to…Read more »