Here’s your reminder to vote for our photo of sweet little Winston at three weeks old again. You can vote once every 24 hours (and it tracks that and won’t let you vote one minute early!) If we’re in the top 20 photos we win $100, and every penny and dollar counts for our kitties!

Here’s a direct link right to Winston!

And thank you!!

Winston and his sister are now about 4 months old, and because their mom is FIV+ (and she got a wonderful home!) we had to wait til this age to start testing them for FIV. Most of the time it isn’t passed on the the kittens, but it is certainly possible. First test is next week…keep your paws crossed. We may have a home for both of them waiting…they’re pretty much a bonded pair.

7 thoughts on “It’s Tuesday – vote for Winston, again!

  1. It would not let me vote! There is a check mark next to Winston and it says ‘Voted.’ Dang! I will try when I get home from work. Maybe it needs 24 hours?

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