Weekly Photo Challenge: Warmth: Cats and Warmth

This week’s photo challenge asks for pictures of warmth, and I know of no creatures who worship warmth as much as cats. It doesn’t matter if it is 90 degrees outside – they are still on the window sill soaking up the sun and heat. In the colder months, they huddle in their cat beds or on the radiators. Here are our cats, soaking up warmth where ever they can find it.





Annie on one of the winter cat beds








Lily on radiator




22 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Warmth: Cats and Warmth

  1. adorable kitty

  2. I love to see cats draped all over the house!

  3. Lily looks like my Morgan (but she has 2 eyes and Morgan doesn’t have any striping on the forehead). They have that same silvery edging. They are all so happy.

  4. Kewl 😎 ………

  5. Sometimes I’m fighting my cat for the warm windowsill πŸ™‚ I love warmth, myself. Hate the cold.

  6. This is my very favorite entry for ‘warmth!” πŸ™‚ I linked to it so my readers could see as well.

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  9. Great photographs of your feline friends. Thanks for sharing!

  10. One of my parents’ cats was all black and he would be so hot to the touch after baking in the sun during his naps! I had cats for my “warmth” subject, too!

  11. Oh, gorgeous cats! The second one is my favourite!

  12. These pictures are great! Before we started using the radiator style heaters our cats spent a lot of time on top of the water heater.

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