The kittens are approaching ten weeks old (this Saturday) and they are a bunch of wild hooligans. Every evening, especially after 9 pm, when we are downstairs we hear the thunder feet racing everywhere up in their second floor foster room.

We have successfully wiped out the Coccidia that they had, but the roundworms seem to like the kittens and Amelia and have no plans to leave. The medication normally given hasn’t worked and the roundworm population has been growing inside them, so today our vet gave me a new med that she says will kill damn near anything except giardia. And I am here to tell you that it must taste truly awful. See all the little white dots on the floor around Amelia – that’s the medicine she spit out!

Luckily they get dosed once a day for three days, and then again for three days in three weeks from now. So I will be adding a little bit extra to the syringe tomorrow when they get their dose so they get the full dose even if they spit some out.

They seem to have forgiven me for this evening’s dose already, which is good. They didn’t fuss about getting some photos to share.

Sweet Pea

On the good news front, Sweet Pea is going home with Benny and Amelia! That will be a good arrangement for all, since Benny and Sweet Pea love to play and wrestle together, and Amelia has no interest in any of that, so she can go hang with her two wonderful grown ups and enjoy some “adult” time away from the wild things. Benny is the shyest of the kittens while Sweet Pea is very outgoing, so she’ll help to bring Benny out of his shell, and give him a bit of confidence. All of them – all four – will be spoiled rotten by their new families, who have been to visit twice already, and will be coming again over the holiday weekend to spend time with their future furry family members. They will all be ready to go home around June 20th, and they will be finished with their yucky Panacur for the round worms by then too, so their new families don’t have to give them icky stuff when they arrive in their new homes. Better that I be the bad guy than them!

That’s the news on the kitten front for now. I hope that those of you celebrating the Memorial Day weekend have a fine one.

13 thoughts on “The Fosters: Amelia’s gang, ten weeks

  1. Too bad about those stubborn roundworms but hopefully the new “yucky” meds will take care of that and everyone can go to their new home healthy, happy and ready to have a wonderful life.

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

    1. I’m hoping the new meds send those round worms packing!! Never had such a persistent case.

  2. Tucker! They all have the sweetest faces! I am happy they have home and people that love them. You must feel so happy for them too. Fingers crossed the the new med works on the icky worms. Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Those nasty little roundworms are squatters trying to hold their ground, but we are determined to send them packing!!

  3. Tucker has a home separate from his mama and siblings? I’m so happy Benny and Sweet Pea will be staying together. They look like twins!!

    1. Yup Tucker has a great new home with two young cats and a cat friendly dog, and people who have been doing rescue for some years, so he’s going to have a perfect home!

  4. Gosh, they sure have grown! Glad Benny and Sweet Pea will stay together. Little Tucker is still so dang cute, he needs to find an agent for a future modeling career. Have a ‘furbulous howliday’ weekend.

  5. Gosh, they’ve grown so big… I guess the worms aren’t holding them back too much. 😉
    Have a nice, long weekend. Official start to the summer season, although it isn’t feeling particularly summery here in MA.

    1. They are around 3 lbs now so getting there! It isn’t very summery here either this weekend, but we need to rain so I guess we can’t complain.

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